Book #11: Girl's Best Friend

Book #11: Girl's Best Friend

Girl's Best Friend (A Maggie Brooklyn Mystery) by Leslie Margolis

Maggie Brooklyn Mystery

Girl's Best Friend

Maggie Brooklyn

"It was crazy to think about how much of what really mattered—all the important stuff—kind of happened at random."

When Maggie Brooklyn's after-school gig as a dog walker leads her to uncover a dognapping conspiracy, it's only the beginning of her worlds colliding. 

It's bad enough that precious pooches all over Park Slope are disappearing, bringing added stress to Maggie's dog-walking responsibilities. 

But then Maggie's ex-best friend, Ivy, loses her beloved dog, Kermit, to the dognapper. Despite crashing Maggie's birthday party and insulting her every chance she gets, Ivy has the nerve to expect Maggie to help her find Kermit.

Even worse? Maggie catches her dreamy crush, Milo, in a suspicious act involving a golden retriever. Maggie can hardly believe that this boy, with the most beautiful brown eyes, this boy who was "perhaps the best leaner in all of Brooklyn" ("he could win a gold medal for it") could be involved in the canine crime.

Can Maggie get past her personal feelings and rescue the poached pooches before it's too late?

Channel your inner Nancy Drew and hone your canine-like senses of observation for this imaginative mystery, filled with surprising twists and turns!

Images and excerpts from Girl's Best Friend by Author Leslie Margolis, Bloomsbury Books

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