Book #10: A Tangle of Knots

Book #10: A Tangle of Knots

A Tangle of Knots by Lisa Graff

"A novel of magic, mystery, and Talent with a capital T"

Want to discover the ingredients of a delicious story? Then join me in our next read, A Tangle of Knots , by the Talented author, Lisa Graff.

With its rich atmosphere, flavorful characters, and spicy uniqueness, I can't stop eating—           I mean, reading—this book! 

I'm intrigued by "the Owner," who captures and caps Talents in containers, and I'm curious about the powder-blue "St. Anthony's" suitcase that tends to "redistribute" itself . . . 

I'm captivated by the Talented cake-baking orphan, Cady, and her mysterious history. Why has she never been successfully placed with a family by Miss Mallory, the queen of match-matching? 

And I'm chomping at the bit for the foreshadowing words of the narrator to play out—when the eight rooms of the Lost Luggage Emporium are soon filled by those who "have lost the thing they treasure most in the world."

Tangleofknots CakeLike the anticipation you feel when watching a tantalizing treat being prepared, this story magically develops, one suspenseful bite at a time!

Join me Serious Readers in this delectable treat of a book. And, if you are inspired by Cady to try your Talents in the kitchen, then check out the video above when Lisa Graff—the author herself—demonstrates the making of Miss Mallory's peach cake!

Images and excerpts from A Tangle of Knots by Author Lisa Graff,  Puffin Books

Story Knots

Knot Quotation

Tangle Of Knots Dg CoverIn A Tangle of Knots the paths of the characters twist and tangle like . . . well . . . knots. Choices they make, things they discover, plus a few coincidences (or perhaps twists of fate!), lead them to exactly the right place at the right time.

This month's discussion guide will help you unravel the trickiest of these knots and follow every plot twist and turn!


Here's a sneak peak at what's included:

STORY KNOTSTangle Of Knots A1a

  • In this activity, you'll track how characters get tangled up in each other’s lives
  • You'll make observations on 6 "story knots" to discover patterns and connections
  • You'll unravel the trickiest knots and understand every plot twist and turn!


Channel your inner Cady (cake baker extraordinaire)

  • Cady has a Talent for baking the perfect cake for absolutely any person. The ingredients for her cakes seem to match the personality of the people she makes them for. No wonder they love them!
  • In this activity, you'll create your own perfect recipe for someone special in your life

And, as always, this month's Discussion Guide contains dazzling DISCUSSION QUESTIONS and juicy JOURNAL TOPICS!

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Images and excerpts from A Tangle of Knots by Author Lisa Graff,  Puffin Books

Tangle Fate Quote

In A Tangle of Knots , each character loses "the thing they treasure most in the world,” and must rely on one another (and a little thing called Fate) to find what's been lost. This is where the similarity ends, however. Each character deals with his or her "Fate" differently, resulting in very different outcomes.

In this month's Discussion Guide, Serious Readers can examine the good and bad choices characters make in dealing with life's challenges with 5 thought-provoking discussion questions and 2 reflective journal ideas.

This month's Journal Ideas:Tangle Dg   Journal Ideas

1) Like so many of us, Marigold is on the hunt for her one true Talent, the thing that sets her apart from everyone else. But once Marigold finally has a Talent to call her own, we realize she already has several wonderful qualities that make a difference in the world. 

Pencil DoodleWrite about your Talents and qualities. Is there something you’re especially good at? How do you use your strengths to make the world better?

Hint: Sometimes talents that may seem small to us can achieve the greatest of things. Remember what Marigold achieved with just one perfectly aimed spitball!

2) This book is full of rewards for readers who pay attention. Did you happen to notice what newspaper article is mentioned on the very first page? How about the reason Toby takes a different driving route in Chapter 9, resulting in his unplanned stop at Miss Mallory’s Home for Lost Girls?

Pencil DoodleKeep a log in your journal of these fun coincidences as you read. Even better, read the book again! You’ll notice all kinds of interesting connections you missed the first time!

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Images and excerpts from A Tangle of Knots by Author Lisa Graff,  Puffin Books

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