Book #8: Madhattan Mystery

Book #8: Madhattan Mystery

Madhattan Mystery by John J. Bonk

Mad fun!

It all begins when Lexi overhears a plot to steal Cleopatra's famous jewels from the Metropolitan Museum of Art! 

Lexi and her younger brother, Kevin, are spending the summer with Aunt Roz in New York City, and when they meet wanna-be-investigative-journalist Kim Ling, all plans for a normal summer go out the window. Before long, the bold and brazen Kim Ling convinces Lexi and Kevin to skip day camp and track down the jewel thieves!

This roller coaster of a mystery will keep your mind twisting and turning till the end! Personality clashes, struggles with home life, and a glimpse into issues of big city crime and homelessness, make the story realistic and relatable.

Serious Readers! 

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Images and excerpts from Madhattan Mystery by Author John J. Bonk, Walker Childrens

A Maze of a Mystery 

(with Amazing Word Fun)!

Madhattan Mystery Dg Cover Border

With its tricky maze of a mystery and super fun writing style, Madhattan Mystery by John J. Bonk is a terrific ride.

Thus, I worked double-time on this book's discussion guide, to give my Serious Readers a seriously fun pack of activities.

First you'll piece together the clues of this puzzling mystery as you read. Next, you'll practice your hand at writing sentences as colorful as your kid sister's crayon box, just like author John J. Bonk himself!

Get started now! Click here for:

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Detective Work

Lexi overhears suspicious talk in the Whispering Gallery! 

This activity helps you keep a collection of clues to solve this meandering mystery as you read. 

Write down the same clues Lexi jots down, then add additional notes as the mystery unfolds.

Madhattan Mystery A2b Border

Silly (Like / As) Similes

Madhattan Mystery is full of similes, making the book super fun to read! A simile (SIM-uh-lee) is a figure of speech. It compares two very different objects, making the description stronger and more vivid.

First you'll master the construction of a simile using examples from the book.

Then you'll write your own clever and creative similes using your own crafty cranium!

And as always, the month's Discussion Guide contains dazzling DISCUSSION QUESTIONS and juicy JOURNAL TOPICS!

Download the Discussion Guide here!

Images and excerpts from Madhattan Mystery by Author John J. Bonk, Walker Childrens

Frenemy   Madhattan Mystery

" . . . dislike at first site . . . "

Ever experienced a personality clash?

After just one look at Kim Ling—with her turquoise-streaked pigtails and bright orange platform flip flops—Lexi declares her instant dislike for this "nut job" of a girl. Behind Kim Ling's odd fashion sense is a "mega-rude" personality, and this repels Lexi like an umbrella in a downpour.

In this month's Discussion Guide, you'll explore the relationship between these mismatched mortals. How can Lexi and Kim Ling—two polar opposites—stop arguing long enough to actually help each other? To respect one another? To maybe, just maybe, even come to like the other?

And—since I know my Serious Readers are also serious Writers with a capital W—I've prepared journal topics to bedazzle even the snarkiest Kim Lings in the crowd! (Any budding investigative journalists out there?)

So what are you waiting for? Download the Discussion Guide now!

Don't forget to post a comment below. Serious Readers want to know what YOU think!

Images and excerpts from Madhattan Mystery by Author John J. Bonk, Walker Childrens

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