Book #3: Liesl & Po

Book #3: Liesl & Po

Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver

I couldn't be more excited about our club's next book: Liesl & Po by New York Times bestselling author Lauren Oliver.

This "reality-meets-fantasy" story is about an orphan, a ghost, and an alchemist's apprentice who are drawn together on a magical journey. It opens with Liesl, three nights after her father's death. She's locked in the attic by her cruel stepmother when suddenly a "liquid shadow" emerges from the darkness...a ghost named Po. This same night, an alchemist's apprentice (Will) is sent on a critical errand, only to mix-up his master's box containing "great magic" with another box. This innocent mistake has extraordinary consequences for Liesl and Po.

Kirkus Review raves: "An irresistible read: This book sings," describing it as "A wonderfully imaginative, startlingly moving and at times wickedly funny fantasy."

Serious readers, you won't want to miss this exciting read! Pick it up at your local library or bookstore today.

Enjoy the book video trailer below, and be sure to visit the author's website!

Images and excerpts from Liesl & Po by Author Lauren Oliver and Illustrator Kei Acedera, HarperCollins

Be Your Own Alchemist & Follow That Box!

Lp Dis Gd Cover

Magic, love, friendship...deception, suspense, greed...sacrifice, courage, hope...what more does a good book need, you ask?

A dynamite Discussion Guide?  You got it! Download it here for:

—thought-provoking questions

—journal topics that make you go "Hmmm..."

—two magical activities!

  • Be Your Own Alchemist! — The alchemist in Liesl & Po uses his skills for dark purposes, with things like "cow eyes" and "blood from lizards." What if you could use magic for good purposes? Create your own kooky concoction to conjure up something wonderful!

Lp Dis Gd Pg 4

  • Follow That Box! — Three boxes weave and wind their way through this story. Keep track! Help Liesl get her father's ashes to the willow tree.

Lp Dis Gd Pg 3

Images and excerpts from Liesl & Po by Author Lauren Oliver and Illustrator Kei Acedera, HarperCollins

". . . from this dark and difficult place, came a magical story of hope." –Lauren Oliver, Author of Liesl & Po

At the time of writing Liesl & Po, author Lauren Oliver was grieving the death of her best friend. In her video introducing Liesl & Po , Oliver explained how Liesl's journey to make peace with loss was in many ways her own journey.

"Great things come out of places that are hard," Oliver noted. "In real life, unlike in fiction, happy endings sometimes take a little longer. Sometimes the roads are a little bit more winding." And this (lucky for us, her readers) is why she writes: "for the clarity of a happy ending . . . and moving towards it."

Images and excerpts from Liesl & Po by Author Lauren Oliver and Illustrator Kei Acedera, HarperCollins

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