Book #4: 100 Cupboards

Book #4: 100 Cupboards

100 Cupboards by N. D. Wilson

And you thought cupboards were for storing dishes...

Introducing book one of the 100 Cupboards trilogy by N. D. Wilson, a multi-world fantasy adventure!

“A highly imaginative tale.” —Kirkus Reviews

Twelve-year-old Henry York has it kind of rough. First his parents are kidnapped. Then he's sent off to a dusty town in Kansas to live with his Uncle Frank, Aunt Dotty, and Cousin Henrietta. And when the poor kid tries to get some sleep, he's woken up by chunks of plaster falling on his head. But then things get interesting.

Henry peers up with his plaster-sprinkled head and sees two knobs poking through his bedroom wall . . . and one of the knobs is turning. With a little elbow grease, Henry has that plaster scrapped away in no time and discovers a wall of cupboards. He hears falling rain through one and sees a man pacing around in another. Henry soon comes to understands that these cupboards are portals to other worlds, and that by opening one, an evil presence has been unleashed!

Watch the trailer below, and then hurry up and get the book, Serious Readers! This one is not to be missed.

Book images and excerpts from 100 Cupboards by Author N. D. Wilson, Random House for Young Readers, Bluefire

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Never Judge a Cupboard by its Door

Just like my character Samantha Green learns to "never judge a book by its cover," Henry York learns that Henry, Kansas is not the boring, sleepy town he thought it was. In fact, life isn't what he thought it was.

Join Henry in his room full of magical cupboards by diving into this month's Discussion Guide!

    • Cupboard Cam – What if you could get video footage of a cupboard in Henry’s room?
    • Cupboard Hopping – Henry and Henrietta find Grandfather’s old journals 
and unlock the secrets that lurk beyond the cupboards. Help them document their adventures as you read!

Enjoy these fun activities, plus lively discussion questions and oh-so-deep journal ideas!

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Book images and excerpts from 100 Cupboards by Author N. D. Wilson, Random House for Young Readers, Bluefire

The Tricky Thing About Discovery

Have you ever noticed how the answer to one question leads to more questions? In Book 1 of the 100 Cupboards trilogy, Henry York experiences this again and again. 

With each new discovery Henry makes—from finding that first cupboard hidden behind the plaster, to learning his parents aren't who he thought they were—he is left with more questions. Why does Badon Hill seem so familiar and comfortable to Henry? And who sent the raggant to find him? Is it true his real name isn't actually York?

According to Serious Reader Laura, the 100 Cupboards trilogy "just gets better and better with each book." Author N. D. Wilson has scattered a multitude of seeds in the fertile ground of Henry, Kansas, and as readers, we are anxious to see how these seeds will grow and develop. And now that we know Henry York's life is anything but ordinary, how can we stop the discovery here?

Share your comments below and let other Serious Readers know what you think of the 100 Cupboards trilogy. Which of Henry's discoveries were the most exciting to you? Do you have any predictions on what might happen next? 

Dandelion Fire Cover Chestnut King CoverDon't let the discovery end here! 

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Book images and excerpts from 100 Cupboards by Author N. D. Wilson, Random House for Young Readers, Bluefire

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