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Book #1: Samantha Green and the Case of the Haunted Pumpkin

     “My stomach lurched. There—just beyond the long row of books to my left—was a real, live witch. Broomstick and long cloak? Check. Pointy hat and wild black hair? Check. Green face with wart? Check. The witch turned to face me. Her sunken bloodshot eyes glared into mine.
     It was Mrs. Finkel.”

With Halloween one week away, a mystery comes knocking at Samantha’s door in the form of scary Mrs. Finkel, Briarton's new librarian and suspected witch. When Mrs. Finkel asks for Sam's help to investigate haunting pumpkin deliveries and "noises that vanish," Sam is admittedly terrified, but her curious nature just can’t resist the challenge. With the help of her best friend, Brian; favorite babysitter, Jenn; and trusty yellow Lab, Murphy, Sam delves into her most complex case yet.

Soon, she is full-tilt into her investigation of the spooky, unexplainable events occurring at Mrs. Finkel's house, from the mounting pile of pumpkins left on her doorstep to menacing notes attempting to run her out of town. As Sam chases the trail of clues, she uncovers yet another mystery—that of Mrs. Finkel herself!

Fast-paced with plenty of plot twists, it’s serious fun for anyone who loves a good mystery, while also shining new light on stereotypes. Samantha Green and the Case of the Haunted Pumpkin is a delightful story of one smart cookie who can crack the toughest case going.

Samantha Green and the Case of the Haunted Pumpkin Book Cover


“Reading along with my daughter has been captivating as the characters move through the carefully crafted plot.” 
–from cdegraz on

“...beautifully written with a good plot, characters you get to know and care about, and a mystery that keeps you turning the page.”
–from D. Walsh on

“...I start to get bored of the same thing over and over again, but this book made me want to read more!”
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