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Christy Lynn Allen was inspired to write Samantha Green and the Case of the Haunted Pumpkin, her first middle grade novel, by the young lady she mentors. Almost ten years old at the time, her young friend had been grounded just before Halloween. "I remember walking with Shaquetta in the park and noticing how incredibly observant she was," Allen recalls. "I told her one day, she was going to do something brilliant, like become a reporter, an investigator, or a mystery writer. She breathed out an excited 'Ooh!' at the mention of mystery writer."

With Shaquetta grounded for a month, Allen needed an activity they could do together, from afar. She suddenly had it. They would write mystery stories for one another. That weekend, Allen sat on her back porch pondering the writing assignment, envisioning a short tale about a young private eye who'd been grounded. "I remember Samantha Green's name coming to me like I already knew her. Three months later, I had the first draft of a novel."

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Christy Lynn Allen

Allen holds a Bachelor's degree in English from University of Michigan. She lives in the Charlotte, NC area with her husband, John, and their beloved dog, Murphy, the basis for Samantha Green's goofy yellow Lab.