Mystery Parties


Your job:
  Invite party-goers.
  Provide refreshments.

My job:
  Everything Else.

Mystery Parties

Whether a birthday, lazy-day, or rainy-day,
Samantha Green Mysteries solves the mystery of party planning

Led by mystery author, Christy Lynn Allen
Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas

For all ages and interests with options including:

Mystery Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Young sleuths break into teams, solving one clue after another from my book, leading to a hidden surprise

(Yes, technically it's a Treasure Hunt. Everyone always calls it a Scavenger Hunt. I've stopped fighting it.)

Haunted Pumpkin TriviaHaunted Pumpkin Trivia

From comprehension, to literary terms, and elements of a mystery, this fun, educational game is customized to skill level/interests

CakeIngredients of a Mystery

Just like baking a cake, writing a suspenseful mystery requires special ingredients. Mystery lovers will learn the essentials, as well as flavorful secrets to putting icing on the cake!

Group Writing ExerciseWriting Exercises

Budding writers delight in these fun methods of brainstorming and beginning their very own mystery stories

Img 4104   Version 2Goody Bags

Choose from writing notebooks, reader's flashlights, creative writing handbooks, and even, Samantha Green Mysteries tote bags!

Affordable. Convenient. Customized.

EASY for you. FUN for them!

Plan your Mystery Party today!

Mystery Party Treats

On The Hunt

Treasure Hunt Team Green

Trivia In Action

Group Activity

Writing Activity Pic

Pre Game Activity

Young Sleuth